Focus and Scope

Transcript: Review of English Teaching and Learning is an open-access journal published twice a year. The dedication, review, research are dedicated to improving and disseminating scholarly work of the current theory and research in English Teaching and Learning. The study published the conceptual and research-based covers the fields of English language teaching and learning, teaching English as a foreign or second language, and English language teachers' training and education. Its purposes disseminate the shape and ground of teaching theories and practices. It aims to provide a medium for second and foreign language scholars, researchers, teachers, and officials at any level to involve in the ways that research and theorizing can inform, shape, and ground teaching practices and perspectives. Overall, it also delivers a medium for exchanging data and concepts in English Teaching and Learning Research and theory-based practices.

  1. English Education
  2. First, Second, and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
  3. Teaching English to Young Learners
  4. Language in Education
  5. ICT-Based English Teaching
  6. Language Planning, Language Testing
  7. Curriculum Design and Development
  8. Multilingualism and Multilingual Education
  9. Discourse Analysis
  10. Translation and Translanguaging
  11. Psycholinguistics
  12. Literature and Teaching