Akulturasi Agama dan Ritual Magaomo Dalam Pengembangan Dakwah Masyarakat Kokoda di Kampung Warmon Sp 3 Kab. Sorong


  • Setia Wahyudi Moy Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sorong, Papua Barat, Indonesia
  • Nirwan Nirwan Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sorong, Papua Barat, Indonesia




Magaomo Rituals, Religion, Da'wah Development


Acculturation is a cultural change due to direct contact with other cultures for a long time without losing the characteristics of the previous culture. Acculturation can occur at the time of expansion of power. The expansion process carried out by the Sultan of Tidore resulted in an acculturation between Religion and Culture of the Kokoda Society in ancient times which was continued by the younger generation until now.

This research is a qualitative descriptive study with an anthropological approach (Cultural Approach). Data collection techniques in this study were interviews, observation, and documentation. The data sources in this study were the Head of Warmon Mayamuk Village, the Religious Leaders of the Warmon Community and the Warmon Village Community.

The results of this study indicate: First, the Process of Acculturation of Religion and Magaomo Rituals is a culture that is practiced until now which is the result of acculturation when the Sultan of Tidore was in power and efforts to spread power and spread Islam in IMEKKO land. Second, the role of religion in this ritual is to guide the Kokoda people in carrying out the ritual. Third, knowing the value contained in the Magaomo ritual. Value becomes very important in a ritual which has a certain meaning. The values ​​contained in the Magaomo Ritual are the Aqidah Values, Moral Values, Gathering Values ​​and Mutual Cooperation values.

The suggestion in this research is for the community to maintain and preserve the Ritual or culture, especially the Magaomo Ritual. Which is one form of culture of the Kokoda people. Also, the Islamic Counseling Guidance Department can be used as a contribution of ideas related to the Magaomo Ritual which is carried out by the people of Warmon Kokoda Village, Mayamuk.