Isbat Nikah Dalam Melegalisasi Nikah Di Bawah Tangan di Kabupaten Raja Ampat


  • Saleman Rumeon Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sorong, Papua Barat, Indonesia
  • Suharmoko Suharmoko Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sorong, Papua Barat, Indonesia



marriage certificate, Raja Ampat, under age


Marriage under the hand is a marriage that is carried out in compliance with the pillars and conditions set by religion, but is not carried out in the presence of a marriage registrar as an official government official. The phenomenon of underhand marriage or commonly known as sirri marriage is one of the problems that still occurs in Waisai. The marriage model has a number of negative impacts, such as unclear marital status, child status, or the possibility of disavowment of marriage. Efforts made by the local government to overcome these problems are by registering marriages through marriage constituencies. This research aims to find out the procedures and procedures for carrying out a circuit court for marriage registration in the Waisai District and the implications of marriage registration in legalizing underhand marriage in the Waisai District. The type of research used in this research is qualitative research using normative sociological approaches and normative theological approaches and qualitative descriptive analysis techniques. The results of this research indicate that the circuit court is a trial outside the courthouse to help people who experience obstacles in coming to the Religious Courts for reasons of distance, transportation and costs. As for one of the cases filed in Waisai District is marriage confirmation or validation of marriage registration by collecting data on people who do not have a marriage certificate and have not been registered at the local KUA. The circuit court in the Waisai District began in 2017