Focus and Scope

Al Riwayah: Journal of Education focuses on educational sciences with qualitative and quantitative approaches. This journal aims to accommodate research from students, lecturers, practitioners and professionals in the field of scientific studies.


Al Riwayah, Journal of Education, maintains peer review standards while increasing process efficiency.

All research articles published in the Al Riwayah Journal are full peer reviewed, their main characteristics are listed below:

  1. All articles are reviewed by at least two qualified experts.
  2. All publication decisions are made by the editor in chief of the journal based on the reviews provided
  3. Members of the international Editorial Board provide insight, advice and guidance to the Editor in Chief in general and to assist in decision making on specific submissions
  4. The Managing Editor and Editorial Assistant provide administrative support that enables Al Riwayah Journal to maintain the integrity of peer reviews while providing fast turnaround and maximum efficiency for writers, reviewers and editors.
  5. Al Riwayah Journal also benefited from the process of referring to manuscripts from high quality peer reviews conducted by established journals.