Peer Reviewer

Peer reviews of referenced papers:

The editorial team of Al Riwayah, Journal of Education, will immediately decide whether to accept, reject, or request revision of the referred writing based on reviews and editorial insights from supporting journals. Additionally, Editors will have the option to seek additional reviews when needed. Authors will be notified when the Editor decides that further review is required.

Peer reviews of novel submissions:

Articles submitted directly to the Al Riwayah Journal will be fully peer-reviewed by at least two highly qualified experts in the field selected by the Chief Editor. The Editor-in-Chief or appointed Editorial Board member will then decide whether to accept, reject or request a revision based on the reviews and comments received.
Editors will decide whether each submission of a written manuscript is done well with the conclusions supported by the data presented. Priority assessment will not be a factor in decision making, but all written texts should make additional or new additions to the literature