Pendidikan Multikultural Membentuk Wawasan Kebangsaan Santri

Studi Kasus Pondok Pesantren Nurul Jadid Paiton Probolinggo


  • H. Mursyid Dosen IAI Nurul Jadid Paiton


Education, Multiculturalism, Multicultural Education, Pesantren


Multiculturalism is a tool, vehicle or the equivalent notion of ideology, function to enhance human dignity. Since multiculturalism is a tool then the sense of culture or ideology embodied in the term multiculturalism should be viewed from the perspective of function for human life. Multiculturalism has always been built on basis of philosophical outlook of a nation on the meaning of life and life, and relationships with environment as well as the creator. Then every nation in giving practical meaning of multiculturalism will be colored by its philosophical outlook. The multicultural education paradigm led to the creation of attitudes of learners who want to appreciate, respect for ethnic, religious and cultural society. Then, too, multicultural education gives awareness to students that differences in ethnicity, religion and culture as well as the other does not become a barrier for students to unite and cooperate. Thus, Pancasila as an ideology of education is needed, especially considering the posture of Indonesia in the form of an archipelago, and pluralistic world is at a cross position. This article describes multicultural education in Ponpes Nurul Jadid East Java


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