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Name: Journal of Quality Assurance in Islamic Education (JQAIE)
Frequency:  twice a year (June and December)
DOI prefix: 10.47945 [crossref3]
ISSN Online:  2798-1398
Publisher:  Institut Agama Islam Negeri Sorong
First Release: 2021
Editor in Chief: Agus Yudiawan [Scopus_type_logo][anggrek][sarjana1]

Journal of Quality Assurance in Islamic Education (JQAIE) publishes original empirical or theoretical articles on Quality Assurance in Islamic Education issues, including dimensions and indicators of Quality and Quality Improvement, as applicable to Islamic education at all levels, including pre-primary, primary, and secondary, higher and professional education. JQAE periodically publishes systematic reviews, research syntheses, and assessment policy articles on topics of current significance as a JQAIE seeks submissions on issues that have global relevance. Article submissions could pertain to one or more of the following areas integral to JQAIE's mission: (1) Organizational and program development, change, and improvement; (2) Educational testing and assessment programs; (3) Educational innovation, programs, and projects; (4) School efficiency assessment; (4) Standards, reforms, accountability, accreditation, certification, and audit in education; (5) Total Quality Management (TQM) in Islamic Education; (6) Tools, criteria, and methods for examining or assuring quality. Assessment Policy articles are now being considered for publication.






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