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The Science Education Research (SEARCH) Journal publishes scientific papers presenting study findings and literature reviews within the realm of natural science education, spanning primary, secondary, and higher education levels. The journal encompasses disciplines such as physics education, biology education, and chemistry education. Additionally, it delves into topics related to environmental education and environmental science. SEARCH Journal features original articles addressing contemporary issues and emerging trends on a global scale, covering areas like science curriculum, instruction, learning, policy, and the training of science teachers. The journal is published annually in April and October.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Oktober 2022
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In this edition, the SEARCH Journal publishes articles focusing on research related to science learning with an emphasis on Science Laboratory Activities (Praktikum IPA) for elementary and secondary school students. The authors are experts and practitioners who work as lecturers, teachers, and students affiliated with various campuses and schools in Indonesia. Moreover, the journal also accommodates discussions on contemporary issues of relevance, such as adapting laboratory activities during the pandemic, integrating a scientific approach in practical sessions, and efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in science learning. The primary goal of this edition is to provide profound insights, enhanced understanding, and practical recommendations for educators, researchers, and other stakeholders in their endeavors to enhance the quality and relevance of science laboratory learning across diverse educational contexts.

Published: 2022-10-04
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